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Greens -16 oz.

This is our most popular drink! As an excellent source of bioavailable antioxidant phytonutrients- this organic GREENS Juice will activate your day the right way! Our basic GREENS Juice is all organic, raw, and fresh pressed- leaving you with the most vital enzymes and nutrition the body needs to be balanced and run smooth.

$131.00 / week

Weekly Juicing Special-13 per Week

"Choose 2 days of the week and wake up to 6 bottles one morning, and 7 a second morning, of fresh cold pressed organic juice waiting for you at your doorstep! This is the easiest way to get healthy and stay healthy. Choose either Monday/Thursday mornings, Tuesday/Friday mornings, Sunday evening/Thursday morning, or whatever works best for your schedule:) All of our juices rock! You will receive 13 juices total per week of our very best organic cold pressed juices. Choose the juices you want. Change the juices you want at anytime with 24 hours notice. All you have to do is order once, and we’ll keep them comin’ every week!


Go Green -16 oz.

If you love our GREENS Juice you will really love our GO GREEN Juice! It is supercharged with all the powerful greens plus we added more greatness with Dandelion, which will help detox your liver, and Cilantro, which will kill viruses. This is a super potent and healthy green drink that will empower your health to the next level.


Almond Joy / Pure Joy -16 oz.

We really crushed it when we made our Pure Joy.  This drink is healthier and better than any dessert out there.  You will be so wrapped up in it’s taste, that you will forget you are drinking something healthy:)  Almonds pound per pound have more protein than a sirloin steak! This fresh, creamy, homemade almond mylk is made daily with no preservatives. Feel pure joy and health by grabbing a bottle today!

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The My Organic Juice Difference

You may think that My Organic Juice is "just another juice place", but we are so much more!

My Organic Juice was not conceived for the sole purpose of making money and building an empire.  In actuality, MOJ was born from a personal venture to cure the (now) company President of her cancer and autoimmune diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome, celiac disease, hypothyroidism and ulcerative colitis.  After cold-pressing her way back to health, Karolyn opened her eyes to the power of organic, fresh, nutrient-rich, cold-pressed organic juices!

For whatever reason- if you are ill, extremely busy, on-the-go, stuck in unhealthy patterns, seeking another dimension of health, consumed by work, just not feeling as good as you know you could, or even if you are already living a healthy and vibrant lifestyle- we are convinced we have the best juice out there and your life will never be the same!.

We source our produce from many different local organic sources. We are 100% organic 99.9% of the time. What does that mean? Maybe once a year, there may be an item that flat out doesn’t exist organic anywhere in the country. This occurred with cucumbers in 2012 due to a drought. We take organic juicing very seriously. There is no distance we won’t drive to or fly to ensure that EVERYTHING we do is organic. Our focus is on organic. Period.

My Organic Juice includes a delivery service.  We make it easy as One, Two, Drink! You can choose from our weekly delivery service, cleanse delivery service or a la carte delivery service (five-drink minimum).

The weekly juice cleanse delivery service is set up for automatic deliveries- you can pick the day(s) you want your delivery!  Just place a one time order online or call 561-405-8156 with any ordering questions, and once or twice a week you will routinely receive your personally ordered fresh, organic, cold-pressed juices stored in an insulated My Organic Juice bag with ice packs.  With each new delivery simply leave last weeks insulated bag packed with defrosted ice packs and empty glass bottles at your front door; like magic, our service will swap this for your new order.  You can choose the juices you would like or leave the selection to us! Also, if you save 15 empty glass bottles, you can receive one drink free on your next order by writing in the notes section on your next order that you are returning bottles, and would like the greens drink (or whatever your preference is) on your next order.

The Organic Juice Cleanses can be ordered online and delivered the very next day (as long as ordered before 3pm).  These Organic Juice Cleanses are not set up for automatic delivery.  All of our Organic Cleanses are delivered in an insulated My Organic Juice bag with ice packs.  Every cleanse order comes with the insulated bag which is yours to keep and reuse!  Reuse and bring your lunch to work, pack daily foods and juices for on-the-go, use at the beach for a picnic- the ways to recycle are endless.  If you are undergoing a 5-Day Cleanse, you will be receiving two deliveries that week, so we ask that you swap your first insulated bag with our driver (can leave at front door) and you keep the last bag that gets delivered to you.

A la carte (five-drink minimum) is great if you are trying our organic juices for the first time.  If you want to sample what we offer, if you travel or if you desire bi-weekly or monthly delivery service, the a la carte service might be best for you.  We currently have the largest selection of organic juices to choose from that we have seen locally. We take pride in the fact that we make our juices strong, we take no shortcuts and we never water down our juices. We are always thinking how can we make our juices stronger, greener and still taste delicious! We feel like we have succeeded!

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