100% Organic, RAW Cold Pressed Juice VS HPP Processed Juice: What’s the difference?

Health and wellness are widely popular and trending topics today. Just about everybody is hopping on the health bandwagon to better take care of themselves. It is known that not all foods are created equally and that’s why leaning towards the healthiest options available can be beneficial to your overall well-being. But how do you really know when you are getting the freshest and most nutrient-rich options?

Healthy Juice

It’s important to understand the differences between one supposed healthy option and another. The perfect example might be when it comes to store-bought HPP processed juice and 100% organic, RAW cold pressed juice. Is one really better for you than the other, or do they both provide the necessary nutrients to keep you feeling attentive and restored?

What Does HPP Processed Juice Mean?

If you are unsure about what HPP processed juice is, then just picture any store-bought juices with a prolonged shelf-life. HPP, or High Pressure Processing, is a technique for pasteurization where high pressure is able to minimize bacteria – including probiotics. When a juice is pasteurized, it gets heated. While those in the nutrition industry may argue that these drinks have some remaining nutrients leftover, the truth is that the level of nutritional value is significantly reduced just after five days.

Cons About HPP Processed Juice:

1) Not Fresh

One of the greatest downfalls about HPP Processed Juice is that it is not freshly made, which means it could have been sitting on the shelf for weeks post-production. Even if the label reads “cold-pressed” or “organic,” it does not change the fact that the concocted mixture could be weeks old.

2) Not Nutrient-Rich

As mentioned before, HPP processed juice lacks when it comes to the nutrients. It only takes five days for a juice to lose a good amount of its nutrients, but store-bought processed juices can remain sitting on the shelf for an extended period of time.

3) Not Accurate

There may be a nutrition label on the juice that lists the amounts of vitamins that are allegedly in the drink, but you should know that this information refers to when the drink was first produced. So, the data you are reading about how supposedly nutritious and healthy the HPP processed drink claims to be is inaccurate.

100% Organic, RAW Cold Pressed Juice

Unlike HPP processed juice, there are juices that do provide freshness, nutritional value, and accurate information. When you drink a 100% organic, RAW cold pressed juice, you should immediately be able to tell the difference, particularly when it is drank prior to its expiration date of five days. There are a number of benefits to these organic, RAW cold pressed juices, which processed juices simply just cannot even begin to compare to.


1) Freshness

One of the many advantages of organic, RAW cold pressed juice includes how fresh the drink is. It is made out out of a cold-pressed juicer to ensure fresh juice from all vegetables and fruits. The drink is considered so fresh because it even holds an expiration date of five days. When you drink the juice within the time frame, the drink still has its pure, natural qualities.

2) Nutritious

While processed juices end up getting rid of good bacteria, an organic, RAW cold-pressed juice keeps all nutrients from vegetables and fruits. As a matter of fact, when a juice is cold-pressed more juice ends up being extracted out of the nutritious foods and you end up getting even more nutrients and enzymes as a result.

3) Energy

When you get a completely organic, RAW cold-pressed juice, you can count on feeling an instant, steady boost of energy because of the nutrients and enzymes that are provided. The information on the label about the types of nutrients you are ingesting is correct too, as long as you drink before the expiration date of five days.

Where to Buy Cold Pressed Juice

At My Organic Juice, we care about your physical and emotional health, which is why it is our mission to provide you with the freshest, natural 100% organic, RAW cold pressed juice to get you on your way to healing. In fact, we are so adamant about catering to your health needs that we offer fresh juice delivery every day of the week. You can count on our juices to be freshly made and equipped with the proper nutrients to jolt start your immune system toward restoration.


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