7 Unknown Healing Benefits of Ginger

With health and wellness trending in today’s society, many natural remedies, beneficial herbs and healing properties from plants have gained attention. Ginger, and more specifically ginger root, is one particular plant with immense healing properties. Although the healing benefits of ginger are incredible, many people do not know about them.

In this blog post we will go over some of the best healing benefits found in ginger root, some you may know and some you may not, and share how they can help you live a healthier life!

Ginger Health Benefits

1. Helps with Feelings of Nausea

When you don’t feel well, your first instinct may be to take some medicine to alleviate any nausea. But what if you could have some ginger, whether as an organic ginger shot, ginger tea, ginger juice, or other type of ginger drink or food, and feel better? One of the most helpful healing benefits of ginger includes the fact that ginger can relieve feelings of nausea. For those who get sick at sea, women who are pregnant and experiencing morning sickness, and people who have nausea from procedures or chemotherapy, ginger can be effective for relief.

2. Can Help to Alleviate Muscle Tension

Would you ever believe that ginger can actually help minimize muscle pain? Ginger has the capability of reducing tension on muscles from activities and exercising. While it does not provide immediate relief, ginger does progressively minimize the level of pain, according to a study listed on the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

3. Natural Anti-Inflammatory Properties

A natural aid that holds several healing benefits, ginger helps reduce inflammation. It is because of these anti-inflammatory properties in ginger that it can reduce muscle pain, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information. So if you are struggling and are in need of healing, then the anti-inflammatory properties in ginger can be a great way to help you feel your best.

4. Aids Digestion

One of the best natural digestive aids include ginger. Ginger has the effect because it helps move along the process of clearing out the stomach. Indigestion is when there is pain and uncomfortable feelings surrounding the stomach, which often results from not having immediate relief from emptying the stomach. Because ginger speeds that up, it is thought to be a great natural remedy.

5. Lowers Blood Sugars

A helpful property of ginger that remains not as commonly known is that ginger can decrease blood sugar levels. Along with helping to decrease levels of blood sugar, ginger is able to minimize risks of heart problems in people suffering from diabetes.

6. Anti-Cancer Properties

With cancer affecting a widespread amount of the population, it can be important to know what foods and spices hold properties for minimizing your risk of cancer. Ginger has actually been tested as a natural alternative for treatment in some types of cancer. Some studies have shown that the substance in ginger known as 6-gingerol can suppress colon cancer and decrease cell migration with breast cancer. Although these studies are promising, more research needs to be done.

7. May Help Cognitive Brain Function

When it comes to minimizing the risk for Alzheimer’s and dementia, ginger holds great promise. Ginger has been found to help with damage in the brain due to age. A study has shown that middle-aged women who took ginger had an increase in cognitive functioning abilities.

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