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Healing Story by Fernanda Graca

Growing up, I had the privilege of having bone broth in my diet. I remember my grandmother cooking a big pot of bone broth for days at a time and I couldn’t help but wonder why it had to be that way. My poor grandma, slaving over a pot of soup for days… Little did I know that her labor of love would ensure my health as a kid.

For many years, I worked a stressful job in corporate America. I knew something had to change when my mom was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. I left all behind to became a Holistic Nutritionist, Pilates and Yoga Instructor.

During my mom’s alternative cancer treatment, bone broth made a comeback into my life since it was one of the fundamental pieces for her recovery. Her progress was absolutely remarkable and from that point on, bone broth became a staple in my family’s diet as well as in my client’s nutritional programs.

As much as I am a big supporter of home cooked meals, I know very well how much time and effort are required to make a good bone broth. Unfortunately, this is impractical for the majority of my clients and My Organic Juice’s Bone Broth was the perfect solution!

I was able to incorporate this super healthy item into my family’s and client’s busy schedules without compromising on quality.

With My Organic Juice’s Bone Broth, I feel the same medicinal benefits as when I had my dearest grandma making it for me, and this is priceless!

Thank you My Organic Juice!

Fernanda Graca, CHC, CHN, CDHP, PMA

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