Q: How do I order?
Q: What should I do with my empty bottles, cooler bag and ice packs?
Q: How long should I do a My Organic Juice Cleanse?
Q: Does a 1-Day Cleanse have any benefits?
Q: How often should I do a cleanse?

Delivery FAQ – Organic Cleanses, Juices, Other Products

Q: How does delivery work?
Q: Why can’t I get five days at the same time?
Q: Can I eat or drink before my cleanse arrives?
Q: My Cleanse arrived and the ice packs are melted. Should I be concerned?
Q: Do you always ship in glass?

Cold Press Process for Organic Cleanses and Juices

Q: How does the Cold Press Juicing Process work?

The Health Behind Organic Cleanses and Juices

Q: Are the Juices organic?
Q: Is it normal if my juice is pink or brown?
Q: Why is there settlement at the bottom?
Q: Why does this juice look different from when I last purchased it?
Q: How many calories are in each Cleanse per day?
Q: Who should Cleanse?
Q: Who Should Not Cleanse?
Q: If I cannot do a Cleanse for health reasons, can I still drink My Organic Juice?
Q: Can you make your juices without fruit or your almond drinks without raw honey?
Q: Can I do a Cleanse if I am lactose intolerant?
Q: Is the Juice Gluten Free?
Q: I am allergic to almonds – is there an alternative option?
Q: Do I need fiber during a Juice Cleanse? Should I take fiber supplements?
Q: Where will my protein come from?
Q: Should I continue to take my multi-vitamins?
Q: Will doing a Juice Cleanse slow my metabolism?
Q: How much weight will I lose doing a Juice Cleanse?
Q: Will I gain all the weight back?
Q: What should I do if I see blood in my stool?
Q: What are the benefits of the green juices vs. the fruit juices?
Q: Can I smoke during the Cleanse and/or will the Cleanse help me quit smoking?
Q: Is a Juice Cleanse safe for children?
Q: What if I am taking medication?
Q: Can I cleanse while taking or after a round of antibiotics?
Q: How often should I Cleanse?


We are not physicians. We do not diagnose or treat ailments. We provide information and products which you may or may not select for your own good health. Please confer with your health care provider before you undertake a cleanse or juicing program. If you have diabetes or if you are under continual care of a physician please consult with him first.

WARNING: This product has not been pasteurized and, therefore, may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems


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Glass, Organic, delivery……you are angels! I look forward to starting my cleanse.

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Hello, I already did a 15 day reboot with the Sick, Fat and Nearly dead reboot. I lost 21 LBS. The only problem was that it took me more than an hour to set everything up and do my Juices for the day. I juiced six juices everyday. The other time consuming part was the fact that I had to go to the market and buy my juicing supplies. So….I began looking an for organic fruit and veggie delivery service. I knew that would cut out one part but, I still had to juice. So i searched for “Juice delivery services.” Boy oh boy, did I find many companies. I almost when with SUJA until I found you site MOJ. Damn….I’m so glad I found you guys. This is just perfect. Now, I don’t want to cleanse anymore. I just want to drink 3 juices a day. For for Breakfast, the other for lunch with a nice salad and the last one as my afternoon snack. Then I will have a healthy dinner. I will drink plenty of water and some tea throughout the day. Is this good or healthy to do? Will this help me loose weight. This is something I want to do for months. I just love the juicing and all the energy it gave me. Getting the juices from MOJ will save me all the time in the world and best part is that it is freshly made and organic. Big smile in my face. Thanks


I am absolutely LOVING my juices!!!! Each one is more delicious than the other! Today is my final day of a 3 day cleanse program and I can say I have not felt hungry AT ALL! I maintained my workout routine at OTF without missing a beat! Much to the contrary! I feel better than I have in a very long time! No more afternoon slumps at work! No more restless nights! No more hot flashes!!! No more sporadic cravings for sweets or otherwise!!! It has made me aware of how eating and snacking at work is more of a habit than a need! This program has been so awesome! The time it has saved me….Such a blessing!!!! Made my life so easy….I gained like 5 hours of my day!!! It was the best discovery EVER!! The quality of the packaging, of the bottles, and definitely of the JUICES is EXCEPTIONAL! All the juices are DELICIOUS, making it hard for me to pick a favorite! They all have their own unique flavor and properties and I have appreciated and literally “mmmmmd” & licked my lips while drinking them!! :-) I love that the 3-day Cleanse program has it all figured out for me! And the ease of ordering online and being able to have it delivered the very next day (if ordered before 3pm) is fantastic! I even ordered the soups and some more juices to finish off this week! The Customer Service is also EXCEPTIONAL and Ben Fox has been amazing and so accommodating! He is super quick to answer emails and any questions and has provided service above & beyond what I anticipated. It’s a total WIN-WIN all the way around with MyOrganicJuice.com! Do not hesitate! Give it a try! You will be as impressed as I am, I am SURE!

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